Monday, 12 January 2015


I decided to start blogging again as I genuinely missed it a lot. I found myself sitting on the train on my way to uni, thinking about this and this post. This blog was only really fashion based as that’s what I was more into. Although in recent months I really enjoying trying out new make-up , and playing around with it.

From now on this blog will be a bit of everything, from now on. As were nearly half way through January, I thought my new year’s goals, things I would like to do would be a good post to write. Previous years I made a list of New Year’s resolution anything from ‘exercise more’ to ‘try something new’ however I never really stuck to them despise my best intentions at begin of January (typical?) 

Therefore instead of ‘New Year’s Resolutions’ I decided on 5 goals:

1. Pass both my theory and driving test
I really regret not concentrating on my driving when I was 17, therefore I would like to pass both this summer. I finish university in late May, therefore I’ve almost 4 months off to just revise and practise. I know a lot people say it’s easier to do it while you’re younger and have the time and money.  

2. Stop procrastinating
I am really bad at getting things done in advance; I always leave everything to very last-minute. I’ve a saying ‘what you have to do today do tomorrow’ which I believe is actually ‘what you have to do tomorrow do today’. This is what I would like to stick too, as it will make my life a little easier and less stressful.

3. Blog more regularly
This is something I’ve failed over last few months, my very bad time management skills left me with hardly any time between uni and work. Therefore this year I would like to find a good routine for me which will allow me to find the time to blog on regular basics.

4. Save some money
I am an impulse buyer, and I always spend my money on things I don’t really need. As a student this will be hard to do but I will at least try. Therefore I might do few ‘spending bands’ throughout the year. I believe if I don’t buy fast-food and takeaways so often, along with cutting on buying clothes I will be able to save money.

5. Travel
Traveling is something I enjoy a lot, and what I would like to do as a career in the future. This year I would like to travel and see new places, whether it’s London or Edinburgh or few days somewhere in Europe. It’s something I would definitely want to do and experience. 
                               Kam x

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