Thursday, 6 February 2014

Dorothy Perkins sales haul

Chunky gold chain necklace- £2, not available online
Gold Bar necklace- £3, not available online
Hair Bow- £2, not available online
Stripe top- £8, link

Yesterday I had a look around Dorothy Perkins as I had few spare minutes before a meeting. I don't usually like looking around sales as it's often crowded. However I was in smaller store where everything was nicely stored and hang up, I was extremely surprised with their sales items especially jewellery as everything was extremely cheap. They had loads of different necklaces reduced from £8.50 to £2! Bargain! Also they had a nice range of clothing items on sale, in various sizes not just really small like 6, I manage to find this top in sale for £8 down from £16. I defiantly recommend checking out your local Dorothy Perkins for some bargains, especially smaller stores!

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